Hydro-Fi - The Next Generation of Texturizers

Balance cost savings and product improvement with Hydro-Fi, a new generation of texturizers for the food industry. Hydro-Fi ingredients are a unique combination of COYOTE BRAND® hydrocolloids and Fiberstar's Citri-Fi citrus fiber. Hydro-Fi improves texture, yield, and enhances mouthfeel.

Hydro-Fi CXA-0823 for partial egg replacement

Key benefits include:photo comparing 50% reduced egg cake to control cake

  • 50% egg replacement, without need for extra emulsifiers
  • Substantial cost savings over full egg control recipe
  • Improved moisture retention, with increased shelf life
  • Enhanced texture, mouthfeel and crumb structure
  • Comparable cake rise and browning to full egg control recipe

Hydro-Fi TGC-1110 for reduced fat ice cream and sorbet

Key benefits for reduced fat ice cream include:Hydro-Fi Slows Melting

  • Reduces ice crystallization for smooth texture
  • Creates smooth, creamy texture with the mouthfeel of the full fat product
  • Prevents separation of solution before churning
  • Increases melting time compared to negative control

Key benefits for sorbets:

  • Create a smooth creamy texture
  • Produce a higher yield
  • Reduce size of ice crystals
  • Increase melting time

Hydro-Fi CXA-1024 for sauces

Key benefits include:Hydro-Fi CXA-1024

  • Good cling properties
  • Even suspension and emulsification
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • No separation on freeze/thaw testing

Hydro-Fi CCX-1028 for ground meat

Key benefits include:

  • Increased yield compared to negative control
  • Enhanced texture- jucy with good bite profile
  • Resilient to freeze/thaw cycle- maintained moisture and no graininess