Choosing a Gum

Not all gums are created equal and they are not all interchangeable.  This is why we offers free samples and work closely with you to find the gum that will work best for your application.

Factors Affecting Hydrocolloid Quality

Quality control and physical property testing of our products are two things that are done at our laboratory in Tucson, Arizona by technicians with years of experience. All of our testing procedures are standardized and recorded so that they can be easily duplicated by your laboratories.brookfield

All of our products are tested for strict adherence to microbiological standards before they are released for sale. We utilize the services of outside independent laboratories to assure you that our results are fair and unbiased.

Choosing a Gum

The best method for choosing a gum for your product is to contact us and talk with our Hydrocolloid R&D Department or Technical Support.

For faster service, it helps to know the following information before you call:

When looking for a product match, we will require the specifications of the product that you are trying to match (for example, label declaration, viscosity and test method, mesh size, etc).

Click here to contact the Hydrocolloid Laboratory Department or call Toll Free at 1.800.369.GUMS (4867).